Let’s build the International Camp of the Youth in Fight

11/jan/2017, 19h34

The sea of history is shaken! The struggle we’ve been fighting against Michel Temer’s corrupt government and his social backslides produced one of the greatest student movements in the country’s history. The occupations of schools and universities are just a demonstration of what has been happening around the world, the struggle of those in need against those who take out our rights.

We live under the sign of a crisis that presents itself in several dimensions: social, political, moral, environmental, but also a crisis of ideas and projects.

We want more equality! Inequality has reached its extreme. The richest 1% of the world’s population is wealthier than the sum of the remaining 99%. This political and economic minority uses the power of the money and its privileges to maintain their power and keep this inequality structure untouched. This caste also continues in power through the widespread corruption of the state, producing networks of tax havens that allow rich people to hide trillions of dollars. Our alternative has to be the one that represents the people from the bottom against those on the upstairs.

We want to study! Everywhere we can observe the cutting of rights and public services in the name of the profit of the big banks. Public education has been scrapped or handed over to large corporations that turn education into a commodity, based on market logic. In Brazil, Chile and Paraguay we take the schools into our own hands in defense of our right to study.

We want to work! An economy focused on speculation and not on the well-being of the people is leading us to a crossroads. Millions of us lose our jobs every year when we are not in precarious ones. Young people, especially black people and women, are hardest affected by this problem. We do not want a future of uncertainty, we have to take control of our economy.

We want to be free! In addition to political and economic democracy, we want to have the right to be who we are! Our identities matter. We are women, black people, LGBTQs, natives, etc. We will no longer accept being treated as second-class citizens, nor living within violence. The system that explores our work is the same one that oppresses us. We must operate a radical cultural change if we are to build sociability on other bases.

But there is resistance! From the occupations of schools and universities, to youth resistance against Trump, we stand up against setbacks. The certainty that “Fue el Estado” that assassinates us, takes thousands to the streets — like the great black movement “Black Lives Matter”, that does not give up the fight against the genocide of the black youth, and like in Mexico that the youth fights Against narcocapitalism and the murder of the 43 students. The feminist Springs in Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Mexico paint Latin America in purple and echo our cry for not one less. We occupy the squares against withdrawal of rights, but also for a new way of doing politics, as were the “nights of standig” or “nuit de bout” that we spent in France. We are, as the Spaniards said in 2011, the generation without rights, but also the generation without fear.

The future is now! We need to work out a project for another future, even if they try to impose the current reality as unique. Eduardo Galeano once said: the old is already dead, the new is not yet born. And only together, we can present a way out of this immense crisis to humanity. That is why we are calling on young people from all over the world to meet in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2017 to take a first step in building this alternative, in which youth and working people are protagonists. The dispute going forward will not only be from Trump and Temer against us, but from fear versus hope. And this Camp, in the heart of Carioca Spring, will be to reaffirm the second option as ours!

Sign the call and build the camp with US: https://acampamento.juntos.org.br/en/