Against Nazism and Racism: the struggle for freedom will overcome hatred

14/ago/2017, 12h19

Note From Juntos’ National Working Group

In early 2017, on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as president of the United States, the Black Lives Matter movement launched a campaign called “Mark Yourself Unsafe for Being Black in America.” The campaign was a direct response to Trump and the conservative and reactionary agenda he championed in his campaign, blatantly supported by groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

The KKK and other neo-Nazi groups were responsible for the rampant violence that took the streets of the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, south of the United States, and which murdered Heather Heyer and injured dozens of others who were victims of a hit when a car plowed into activists perpetrated by a participant of the act entitled “Uniting the Right”. The weekend was marked by hate speech on the part of the supremacists, who were answered by the black movement, such as the BLM and groups such as DSA and IWW.

Last saturday’s actions refleceted one of the ideas that sustain and support the policies of exploitation, exclusion, violence, segregation, genocide, and imprisonment of black people in the United States, and which today also affects Latino and Muslim communities, for example: White Supremacy. This is not only about today and it is not punctual.

Racial hatred is not a byproduct of American society, it is the basis. We can not exempt ourselves from solidarity with the black people and all communities directly or indirectly affected by neo-Nazi hatred and extreme right-wing expressions such as Latinos, Muslims and LGBTs. We stand side by side in the struggle against Nazi-fascism and racism. We will not accept the chains they want to put us.

If Donald Trump has one side, which is the conservatism and hatred, we have another: the struggle for freedom and rights. While it is true that the US has never been a safe place for blackness, it is also true that there is no security for the project of those who want to undermine the rights of women, black people, the LGBT population, immigrants and Workers. Our watchword must be resisted.

We reaffirm our solidarity with the anti-racist and anti-fascist struggle in the United States and point our path towards the fight against the extreme right, Nazism and racism. If they want to “unite right,” we will unite around an emancipatory project that has the blackness on the front lines and, as we pointed out at our International Youth Camp that took place in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, in April, build a world without borders.

They have nowhere to run because we will defeat them. The strength of those who have struggled daily against police violence and incarceration, and of those who began the year at the Women’s March in Washington, saying that it was the end for white supremacists, is the force that will bring down hatred, Nazis and racists.

It’s not just the statue of Robert Lee that will fall. It’s their whole system.

#BlackLivesMatter #DefendCville #Charlottesville